Our Mission

In this image, you see several kids' hands in a huddle, each wrist wearing a Code Ninjas wrist band.

Every child should learn to code

There is nothing that changes the way people think more than learning how to code. 

The process is fun and rewarding and every child needs to know how to code for their own vocational future.

A Code Ninjas student is holding up a certificate with a slight smile while looking into the camera.

Creating the Problem Solvers of Tomorrow

Building kids confidence to become creators of technology rather than just consumers of technology.

This image shows the front of a Code Ninjas' center.

Largest Network of Schools In The US

We have worked with numerous brands and centers across the country to allow students 7-18 easy access to the resources and help that they need to learn to code.

Get Involved

Let us know that you are available for volunteer events and that you want to stay in the loop.